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At StarCycle, we are on a mission to create a happier, healthier world one sweaty class at a time. And that is why we are curating a class of highly motivated, successful business owners to join our franchising squad to spread our message. We hear it over and over again from our owners and our clients that our class has changed their lives—and it can change yours too!

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What is StarCycle?

We are network of indoor cycling studios committed to offering a killer class and empowering experience at all of our locations. Our classes work the whole body with proven techniques that bring real results. But we are really so much more than a kick-your-ass class.

We believe in fostering supportive communities in each location, and that is why we decided to franchise, so that each studio owner could be on the ground in real time—seeing how much of an impact our product has on them and their clients.

On top of this, we fiercely believe in coming as you are. Here everybody and every body is welcome. We welcome everyone from athletes to stay at home mom’s to young professionals and grandparents.

  • No Technology

    We don't believe in stats or leaderboards — it's just you and the bike, getting it done.

  • Badassery

    Our workout will kick your ass in all the right ways, leaving you feeling stronger and shining brighter.

  • Inclusive

    This is a place where everybody — and every body — is welcome.

  • Childcare

    Our StarKids Play Lounge gives kids a safe, fun place to play while you ride.

  • The Real Deal

    We embrace true balance and a lifestyle that's both healthy and sustainable.

  • Ride for Yourself

    Our riders can drop off their mental baggage at the door the minute they walk into the studio.

Are you ready to change peoples lives? Even yours!

Just listen to Eryn Washington gush about how much she loves co-owning and running StarCycle Felida and how she turned her passion into her career.

Eryn Washington

“I left corporate america and opened a StarCycle studio because I wanted a better lifestyle — and I am so happy I did! But what surprised me was how much of an impact I’ve made to my community. We hear almost daily how StarCycle has changed peoples lives, and not just because of the weightloss, but more because of the mental break (no technology) and confidence that comes from our class. That deeper ‘why’ has blown me away and allowed me to truly take my passion and turn it into a successful career.”
Eryn Washington, StarCycle Felida Co-Owner

Support at Every Step

As a StarCycle studio owner, you’re an entrepreneur with an entire team of industry veterans behind you. Our team has been in the fitness and franchise industries for decades and have opened a collective 1000+ studios. We offer comprehensive corporate training and support for our studio owners at every step and tailored to every market. We’re talking in depth instructor training, support with real-estate, design, construction, tailored marketing, merchandising, and much more. We’re in your corner helping you to create a successful business with longevity.

Lainie Belitz

Vice President of Operations

Hanna Boone

Chief Creative Officer

Stephen Cuthrell

Chief Operations Officer

Comprehensive training to make every instructor & client shine

Our instructor training is a huge part of the benefit behind opening a StarCycle studio. We have customized our training experience to be the best in the business. All instructors go through a 8 week process and leave our 3 day intensive corporate training with the tools they need to kick ass and create smiles. Our team of Master Trainers are dedicated to constantly improving our class instructors, making sure we are the best indoor cycling workout on the market and that every studio opens strong with instructors who feel confident to lead and can inspire others to be their best selves. And we don’t stop there, our Master Trainers continue to inspire instructors on all levels for years! With videos, music, innovating new moves and teaching tools to ensure the class stays a constant source of challenge and inspiration.

Who we are looking for

  • Smart business owners who can lead and inspire
  • Passionate about building a positive community
  • Integrity and inclusiveness
  • Marketing or operations experience is a plus
  • A background in health & wellness, fitness, sports or franchising is a big plus, but not mandatory
  • 100k liquid assets
  • Ability to finance a buildout ranging $272,000 – $495,000

Our Studios

Each of our studios are slightly unique, that’s the beauty of being a boutique experience. We design to your specific location and needs.

Each location includes:

  1. 1,900–2,200 Sq. Ft average
  2. One spin studio with 25–32 bikes
  3. Two bathrooms (showers optional)
  4. ~150sqft StarKids Play Lounge (childcare)
  5. Reception Area with Retail

Next Steps

Fill out the form below to request more information on our process, requirements and what it takes. We are happy to answer any other questions and excited to get the conversation started.

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