Est. 2012

Born to Sparkle


At StarCycle we start each class, a journey together. We ride strong and finish stronger, better, as a group, wheel to wheel, foot to foot, heart to heart. We give our best. We give our all. We ask our clients to give back by giving their all, striving to achieve their physical and mental goals. We lead our students in a group, to the beat, and to the rhythm we dance. We work each body part with knowledge, purpose and intention. Stylistically, we match choreography to music….on a bike….achieving physical transformation and bringing our strength to our life’s balance.

Featured In

Portland Monthly
Shape Magazine

Our Origin Story

Erin Moone and Dionne Del Carlo – two women passionate about helping families find the balance between health, wellness and happiness – teamed up in 2012 to create StarCycle.

Erin Moone is a rock chick mama, wellness fanatic, yoga teacher, cycling instructor and barre professional. A passionate fitness instructor since 1995, Erin came from LA and NYC. She missed her indoor cycling classes from those days so she decided to create her own. The vibe of StarCycle culminates her expertise as an instructor, mother and her passion for music. A giver of love and positive energy, Erin’s life is a music video – start dancing.

Dionne Del Carlo is a former ballet dancer from California, mom, barre professional, yoga lover and model. She spent years in San Francisco and Portland working in product, retail and brand marketing and holds an MBA.

Both ladies attended UC Santa Barbara, and while working as barre instructors, they knew they needed to partner and marry their fitness knowledge, marketing expertise and love for fashion to create the cardio class they want to take!